LaGrange Police                                 


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Civilian                                   21
Sworn                                     88
Part-time                                10
                      Total               119
Population                   27,500

Square Miles                  29


The Chief of Police is appointed by the City Manager upon confirmation by the Mayor and Council.  The Chief is responsible for the administration, coordination and control of all police activities for the city.  He plans, organizes and commands all police activities involved in protecting lives and property, preserving the public peace, preventing the commission of acts of crime and detecting acts of crime.   The Chief also establishes rules and regulations for the conduct of the department; develops, approves and conducts training programs for department employees and attends conferences, schools and conventions to keep abreast of the latest police methods.   He also supervises all departmental personnel and the operation and maintenance of all equipment. 


The LaGrange Police Department is Nationally Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., (CALEA).   This voluntary accreditation program for law enforcement agencies is a joint effort between CALEA and four major law enforcement executive membership associations including the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, National Sheriff's Association and the Executive Research Forum.   CALEA was formed in 1979 to establish a body of standards designed to increase law enforcement agency capabilities to prevent and control crime, increase agency effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of law enforcement services, increase agency cooperation and coordination with other law enforcement agencies and increase citizen and employee confidence in the goals, objectives, policies, and practices of the agency.   LaGrange Police Department obtained accreditation from CALEA in July, 1999, and reaccreditation in 2002.   The department received State Certification in July, 1998 from the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, and Integrity Certification from the National Institute of Ethics in 2000, and 2001. 

Office of Professional Standards

Office of Professional Standards (OPS) are responsible for conducting all internal investigations of the department.  It is the policy of the LaGrange Police Department to investigate all complaints against the department or its personnel in a manner that will assure the community prompt corrective action when police personnel conduct themselves improperly; while also protecting the department and its personnel from unwarranted criticism pursuant to the discharge of official duties.  OPS has the additional responsibility of conducting background investigations on all employee applicants, maintaining database information on personnel use of force, and disciplinary history.

Police Chaplain

The department Chaplain is a local clergyman available to all members of the department as well as crime and accident victims.  Currently Reverend Charles Chapman serves as the LaGrange Police Department Chaplain, he is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church, 552 Hammett Road, LaGrange, Georgia 30241, Phone (706) 884-3100.   


The Canine Unit currently consists of three (3) teams. All three teams work in conjunction with Patrol, Special Investigations Unit (SIU), and  Criminal Investigations Division (CID). The teams assist in the execution of search warrants and felony arrest warrants, vehicle and building searches, tracking of suspects, and the apprehension of fleeing felons. The teams are high profile and support our zero tolerance program. They concentrate patrol efforts in high crime areas and respond to calls for service.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit’s primary responsibility is the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the city. It’s mission is divided into several areas. For instance, the unit supervises 8 crossing guards; coordinates parades and other special events; conducts traffic surveys; escorts funeral processions; investigates traffic crashes, including fatalities and serious injury collisions and conducts traffic safety classes. Additionally, the unit has augmented its enforcement and educational "arms" by starting a Community Traffic Safety Program and offering defensive driving classes.


The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) conducts follow-up investigations on both felony and misdemeanor crimes, concentrating heavily on Part I offenses. Each member of the division also processes crime scenes, conducts surveillance, and prepares investigative case files for prosecution of the criminal offenders within the various Courts of Troup County. The Child Abuse unit within CID  investigates both physical and sexual abuse involving juvenile victims.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit is a law enforcement function whereby data relating to crimes are collected, collated, analyzed and disseminated.  Data are primarily generated from records and reports within the agency. Crime analysis represents a system utilizing regularly collected information on reported crimes and criminals to prevent and suppress crime and to apprehend criminal offenders.  Crime analysis is a scientific process, in the sense that  it involves the collection of valid and reliable data, employs systematic techniques of analysis and seeks to determine, for predictive purposes, the frequency with which events occur and the extent to which they are associated with other events.

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit is comprised of C.I.D. personnel who conduct secondary and through follow-up investigations concerning domestic violence.  Victims of such incidents are aided in receiving all available assistance.  Resources are appropriated to ensure all such offenders and victims are tracked in an effort to prevent further incidents of abuse.  The entire department takes part in this endeavor through strict enforcement of criminal statues when domestic violence situations arise.

Polygraph Unit

The Polygraph Examiner has assisted in multiple investigations, both for members of the LaGrange Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. During the course of the year 2001, there were a total of 199 polygraphs conducted for various type incidents. Purposes for polygraphs range from criminal, background, internal investigations, and applicant assessment.

Warrant Unit

The department’s Warrant Unit's primary duty is to execute arrest warrants issued through the various Courts of Troup County. As a means of aiding in the success of these duties, such personnel are deputized by the Troup County Sheriff, giving them legal authority to execute arrest warrants within the geographical boundaries of Troup County.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) initiates an array of misdemeanor and felony investigations which require more covert operations than can be applied through the Patrol Division.  Investigators within SIU gather and centralize intelligence of on-going criminal activity for the department, concentrating extensively on illegal substances.   SIU personnel also maintain the agency's property and evidence control process.


The Support Division supervises and has responsibility for the maintenance and control of the Records Section, Community Service Unit, Animal Control Section and Training Unit. 

Community Service Unit

Community Service Unit is responsible for overseeing those persons who have been sentenced through the courts to perform a certain number of hours of service as part of their sentence.  Community Service employees supervise these workers as they perform work for public agencies and non-profit organizations.   

Animal Control Section

The City of LaGrange works in conjunction with Troup County in the maintenance and upkeep of the Animal Control Shelter.  Animal Control Officers enforce all city codes involving animals and are responsible for the capture of stray and injured animals.   Animals taken under control are housed, cared for and if possible adopted out by the Animal Control Officers.

Records Section

The Records Section of the LaGrange Police Department is responsible for all records involving the management, operational and informational needs of the agency.   The section provides the public with incident and accident reports and serves as a statistical reporting unit of the police department.  They provide criminal history records and fingerprinting for job applicants, ABC permits, taxi permits, and solicitor permits.  The Records Section ensures that the needs of the public as well as other law enforcement agencies are met.  Employees are also responsible for storing all records initiated by the police department.

Training Unit

Training has often been cited as one of the most important responsibilities in any law enforcement agency.  The Training Unit is responsible for the organization and administration of all training functions including training academy administration, training instructors, recruit training, in-service, roll-call and advanced training, specialized training, civilian personnel training and career development.